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Lessons from Strategic Transformations


As Saudi Arabia transitions towards a knowledge-based economy, benchmarking emerges as a linchpin in this transformative journey. Benchmarking provides a platform for organizations to learn from the successes and failures of others, thus crafting a roadmap towards constant improvement and excellence.

This strategic tool has found profound applications across varied sectors, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and progress. It not only drives breakthroughs but also encourages continual evolution.

As the economic landscape of Saudi Arabia undergoes dynamic changes, the role of practical and efficient benchmarking will continue to gain prominence, shaping the nation’s future.

Application of Benchmarking is Saudi Arabia

This study used data analysis to assess the performance of public hospitals in Saudi Arabia. The study found that 75.8% (69 of 91) of public hospitals were technically inefficient, with an average efficiency score of 0.76.

This indicates that hospitals could have reduced their inputs by 24% without reducing health service provision.

Social Strategy

A social strategy, from the perspective of governments, is a systematic plan designed to influence the behavior of citizens in order to achieve specific policy objectives or improve societal outcomes.

This strategy often involves leveraging various communication channels, such as traditional media, social media, and public campaigns, to educate, inform, and engage with the public. 

It may also include the use of behavioral insights, such as nudges or incentives, to encourage desired actions or discourage harmful practices Governments may develop social strategies to tackle a wide range of issUes,

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